We wish the world would be just as pure and gentle as a baby. Mee Mee's Baby Liquid Cleanser can clean everything that your baby uses - from washing bottles, to accessories, to toys, to fruits and vegetables as well. Whether it is new tastes and textures or easing those teething gums, a lot goes into the tiny, curious mouth of your baby. Mee Mee's Baby Liquid Cleanser is gentle enough to clean your baby's bottles, accessories, toys, vegetables and fruits in an all-natural way. Besides, the cleanser is fully biodegradable so that you preserve the environment while giving your baby utmost care.

Anti-Bacterial Baby Liquid Cleanser for Fruits, Bottles, Accessories & Toys.

    • Made as per international standards of safety and hygiene.
    • Effectively cleans all baby bottles, feeding accessories, toys, fruits and vegetables.
    • Removes residue and odour left behind by breast milk and formula.
    • Gently cleanses all fruits and vegetables before it reaches your child.
    • Environmentally-friendly and biodegradable.