0 Months+, Liquid talc helps protect highly sensitive parts of the body.

In the last quarter of the pregnancy, baby's skin is protected by a "vernix caseosa", slim white-yellow layer composed of water and fat, which has a protective function. This layer is completely absorbed in the first days after birth.Chicco Natural Sensation is a new cosmetic line designed so as to continue the natural process of protecting baby's skin, as in the womb. All formulas are borrowed from the composition of "vernix caseosa" - the natural protection of baby skin during pregnancy. All products contain natural active ingredients carefully selected for maximum safety.

Chicco Natural Sensation Liquid Talc - 100 ml

    • Chicco Natural sensation Liquid talc. It is a natural cream base talcum for faster absorption & healing action which contains combinations of natural active ingredients like Corn starch,Tapioca starch,Chamomile water etc.

    • It prevents, protects, soothes and repairs newborn skin and maintain right skin moisture level.
    • Does not clog skin pores
    • All formulas are inspired from the composition of vernix caseosa to give baby’s skin natural development process, just like in mother’s belly
    • No Parabens, phenoxythenol, Mineral oil, dyes, alcohol, SLS, SLES, Dyes, colour etc.
    • Allergen free fragrance
    • Approved by dermatologists and pediatricians
    • Ideal to use right from birth