Now going out is a lot more fun! Take your baby out of the house without any worries in this convenient Mee Mee Baby Carrier. Your baby can explore the surroundings safely while feeling emotionally secure with you close by. Made of premium quality breathable fabric, this carrier grows with your baby; adjustable height and adjustable seat make sure your baby is most comfortable. Close carrying has been scientifically proven to help your baby grow up to be secure, intelligent, family oriented and happy. So whether it is to do small chores or to meet friends, you can take your baby out with you every time.

Cuddle Up Baby Carrier with Advanced Support Cuddle Up.

    • Made of premium quality fabrics that are safe, breathable and gentle on your baby's skin. All our materials are carefully tested for safety, durability and comfort.
    • Designed to accommodate as many as 6 positions for carrying your tiny tot - front facing and back facing positions, reclining and hugging positions, and front facing and back facing back carrying positions.
    • Specially designed removable board which helps you when you carry your baby in the reclining and hugging position.
    • Soft cushioning near headrest to protect and support baby's delicate scalp and sensitive neck area.
    • Cushioned seat, arm, and leg opening for additional comfort and support to the baby.
    • Wide padded shoulder straps with adjustable back support provide extra cushioning and support to you.
    • Adjustable straps allow the carrier to grow with your baby.
    • Can be used in all weather conditions. Travel friendly. Easy to use.