Feeling low? Limca’s lemony fizz will get you going again! Limca is an exciting cloudy lemon drink combining a sharp fizz and a lemony bite that's enough to lift spirits in no time. The ultimate thirst quencher and a provider of freshness, the ‘Lime n Lemoni’ Limca recharge you with every sip. Thus, don’t let thirst take you down, grab a Limca and Phir Ho Ja Shuru! This cold drink has been quenching thirst since 1971 and also publishes the Limca Book of Records as a reverence for those who know the art of defeating and winning. You can check out the latest Limca Book of Records at www.limcabookofrecords.in.

Limca Lime 'N' Lemon Soft Drink (Bottle)

  • The ultimate 'lime n lemoni' thirst quencher
    Don't let heat sap your energy, grab a Limca refreshment
    Limca’s lemony taste and fizz gets you going again
    Mobile pack to carry your refreshmnet wherever you go
    It is best served chilled and bubbling