We wish the world would be just as pure and gentle as a baby. Mee Mee's Mild Laundry Detergent cleans your baby's clothes and keeps them safe from harmful chemicals. Your baby loves to explore! Whether it is a crawl in the kitchen, the desire to eat on their own, a walk in the park or a mistimes nature's call, their clothes face a lot. Mee Mee's Mild Detergent rescues your baby's adorable clothes from food, dirt, potty stains and germs. An environment-friendly formulation fortified with triple enzymes, it removes the most stubborn stains while keeping your little one's clothes soft and germ-free.


    • Made as per international standards of safety and hygiene.
    • Fresh fragrance to keep your baby's clothes smelling great even when dried indoors.
    • Fortified with triple enzymes with properties of Protease, Amylase and Lipase that break down stubborn stains without scrubbing.
    • Perfectly balanced Ph level that is gentle on your hands and increases the shelf life of fabrics.
    • Whitens the whites and brightens the colours.