After a hectic day of work and travel dulls our mood, just a calm and normal living area and bedroom is not enough to lift our dull mood. To enhance your living area and bedrooms you need something premium. And for that we have Odonil Room Freshening Spray Citrus Fresh which keeps your bedrooms and living rooms fresh and fragrant with its premium fragrance. This citrus fragrance injects an invigorating fizz into the air for a sparkling, radiant home atmosphere.

Odonil Room Spray Citrus Fresh - 200 g

    • Long-lasting home freshener spray that freshens up the room with a pleasing smell
    • Can also be used as a bathroom freshener, or in cars and office spaces
    • Offers a fine selection of nature-inspired scents to keep your home fresh and fragrant
    • Comes in 7 different fragrances – Jasmine, Lavender, Sandal, Rose, Citrus, Floral Bliss and Ocean Breeze