A product best suited for the elimination of harmful germs including bacteria. The spray works on both hard and soft surfaces, such as tables, chairs, desks and sofas. The spray provides long-lasting protection with a success rate of 99.99% germ killing efficiency. Not only does it protect us from bacteria and fungi, but it also works as a shield against H1N1, Cold and  Flu. To top it all off, Eucalyptus Aroma helps to deodorize the surface and remove the bad odours caused by microbes.


    • 1. Protects from germs - Kills 99.99% of  germs including bacteria, and fungi prevents their growth
      2. Protects cold viruses - Protects us from H1N1, Cold and Flu
      3. Deodorizes the surroundings - Eucalyptus Aroma deodorizes the surroundings and removes bad odour
      4. Works on hard and soft surfaces - It can be used on both hard and soft surfaces, such as cushions, curtains and on your electronic displays