Why is it important to sanitize your surroundings?

Disinfectants are the need of the hour. Touching a surface without disinfecting them is a daredevils' task and can cause the germs to spread to unimaginable surfaces. However, with Raho Safe Multi Surface Protectant Spray you can always stay safe and protected. 


The multi surface spray can be used on any type of hard and soft surfaces like doors, curtains, couches, tiles and even at your workstation. It will protect your surface within a blink of an eye and will keep your surface safe for the next 7 days. Each time you spray it, you are protected from bacteria and germs. 


Once you spray it on the surface, growth of 99.99% of the germs would inhibit. Made with an antibacterial agent that prevents the growth of microorganisms.


    • 99.99% Protection - From bacteria and germs

      Works on hard and soft surfaces - It can be used on both hard and soft surfaces like cushions, curtains and even can be used on your laptops or desktops.

      Week long protection - It will keep you protected and safe for 7 days. 

      Antibacterial Agent - Prevents the growth of microorganisms.