A toddler's mealtime is the most important aspect of his overall growth. Mee Mee Stay Warm Baby Steel Bowl makes it easy for you to feed WARM FOOD to your baby EVERY TIME. It features a unique water chamber that keeps food warm or hot (depending on the temperature of the water). The warm plate is designed with a non-flip and non-slip base, keeping the plate stable and preventing spills and waste.


    • Made of non-toxic, BPA free, food grade stainless steel and polypropylene plastic.
    • Complies with International standards of Safety & Hygiene.
    • Air-tight lid to keep food contents intact without letting them spill over even when the bowl is kept slanted or at odd angles in the bag.
    • Stainless steel bowl helps to lock in the nutrition so that you serve the best to your baby.
    • Silicone suction base holds the bowl in place, reducing spills and accidents during feeding time.
    • Equipped with a handle for good grip and control.
    • Sized perfectly so that you can provide wholesome meals to your baby.