Stayfree Dry Max All Night Wings (XL) Sanitary Napkin are designed specially keeping in mind, comfort, and hygiene. They are not only larger than the regular sanitary napkins but also give all-round protection during the night.

Stayfree Dry Max All Night Sanitary Pads (Extra Large Wings)

  • Stayfree All night dry max sanitary pads for women for all night protection.
    2x better coverage, extra long and extra wide sanitary napkins for all round protection throughout the night.
    Suitable for regular to heavy flow.
    Dry max cover for best dry feel protection.
    Odour control system with natural oil that hepls prevent foul odour and keeps you fresh.
    Individually packed pads so you can carry one with you always and stay prepared for any surprises.
    Ultra-Thin pads which prevent leakages from all sides no matter how much you move in your sleep.