Just like your baby, you need special care too. With Mee Mee Ultra Thin Disposable Nursing Pads you can stay fresh and comfortably clean. The pad has a contoured shape with multiple layers that have unique moisture channels. The silky soft top-sheet has a one-way flow barrier that traps the leaks leaving your skin dry and clean. It is made from natural and breathable materials and sits discreetly under your clothes. For extra convenience each pad is individually wrapped so that you can carry them in your handbag or your Mee Mee’s Diaper Bag easily


    • Super absorbent polymers lining absorbs the milk residue in between feeds by trapping it inside the core lining and preventing it from leaking through the brassiere
    • Super soft edges prevents the sensitive skin of the areola and breasts from developing redness and rashes
    • Breathable and waterproof backsheet prevents the moisture from leaking out
    • Gathers ensure the enlarged diameter of the pad moulds perfectly to the shape of your breasts for a completely natural look and feel
    • Double adhesive tape prevents the pad from slipping or shifting and keeps the pad firmly in place inside the cups of the brassiere